Status Reports

DCFSL expects that within one month following the end of a 12-month grant period, or at such other reasonable times as requested by DCFSL, a grantee will provide DCFSL with a grant status report. Status reports are now processed online! Paper copies will no longer be accepted.

Approximately six weeks prior to the end of a grant, the grantee's Executive Director (or President/CEO) will receive an email notification that s/he has been assigned an online status report and it is available for processing. Having the report assigned means that the report will be available only to the ED or Pres/CEO, as the signatory on the Grant Agreement. To access the report, the ED/CEO will logon to DCFSL's Grants Management System Portal, go to their organization's account and select the most recent grant, where they will see a "Follow-Up" form (the Status Report) has been added..

PLEASE NOTE: DCFSL will not consider another grant application until a status report has been received and approved for a prior grant. Status reports must be submitted to the DCFSL office at least one month prior to the deadline for a subsequent grant application.

For the information of those who will be preparing their organization's status report, following is what you'll find in the status report: Before you begin the report, look back at the original application submitted. See how you described your program approach and planned activities, who and how many you expected to serve, what changes you expected to see in your participants and by when, and the measurement tools you said you would use to measure, verify and track progress.Next check your data and reflect upon what progress has actually taken place. this will be your opportunity to tell us your story.

Listed below are the questions that must be answered. (FYI: There will be limits to the number of characters allowed per answer. The standard approximation is six characters per word. Each question will indicate the number of characters allowed for that question.)

  1. Was the funded Project/Program implemented as outlined in the Grant? If not, please explain why.
  2. If your grant proposal included a DCFSL Proposal Workplan, provide a summary to update each listed activity as originally planned and upload it where indicated.
  3. List the outcomes that were submitted for this Grant. Did you achieve the results you expected? Be specific and detail how they were met. If exceeded, what enabled this?
  4. If you achieved less than the expected results, what issues or obstacles did you face?
  5. If results were not as expected, what strategies are being used to address this?
  6. What were the primary lessons learned while working on these outcomes? How will you use what you learned to inform your work?
  7. Explain your evaluation process.
  8. Provide an accounting of expenses incurred and funds expended to date in carrying out the terms of the Grant Agreement. Complete the Status Report Financial Template, rename it under your organization's name and upload where indicated.
  9. Were actual costs consistent with estimate? Please explain variances.

In addition to responses to the questions in the status report, the grantee must either provide the information as described below or confirm that what is already listed is correct: 

  • Name of Organization

  • Title of Project

  • Amount of Grant from DCFSL

  • Purpose of Grant (1 sentence)

  • Date funds received from DCFSL

  • Individual who prepared the Status Report (include name, title, phone number; a separate question will ask for the preparer's email address). This information should be for the Executive Director or President/CEO who was assigned the report.

  • Total number of Unduplicated/Unique Clients Served in the Project/Program

  • Counties in which Clients Resided. (Note: St. Louis City is considered a separate county.); check all that apply

  • Clients served within specific Minority/Ethic Group(s); check all that apply

  • Explanation of "Others" served within selected Minority/Ethnic Groups served (if "other" was checked in the previous question)

  • For each Minority/Ethnic Group checked above, enter the percentage of each group served in relation to total number served


Once the status report has been completed and submitted, the preparer will receive an automated email notification that the report was submitted.

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