Status Reports

It is expected that within one month following the end of the 12-month grant period, or at such other reasonable times as requested by DCFSL, a grantee will provide a status report which must respond to all the following questions and provide the information requested in the dot points below. Please note: DCFSL will not consider another grant application until a status report has been received and approved for a current grant. Status reports must be submitted to the DCFSL office at least one month prior to the due date for a subsequent grant application.

  1. Was the funded Project/Program implemented as outlined in the Grant? If not, please explain why.
  2. List the outcomes that were submitted for this Grant. Did you achieve the results you expected? Be specific and detail how they were met. If exceeded, what enabled this?
  3. If you achieved less than the expected results, what issues or obstacles did you face?
  4. Explain your evaluation process. What change occurred in those served as a result of participating in your program(s)?
  5. What lessons have been learned while working on these outcomes? How will you use what you learned to inform your work?
  6. What do you consider the most notable Project/Program accomplishments during the past year? May include success stories of agency/clients.
  7. Provide an accounting of Grant and agency expenses incurred and funds expended to date in carrying out the terms of the Grant Agreement. Were actual costs consistent with estimates? Please explain significant variances. Use the Status Report Financial Template to report and upload this information.

In addition to responses to the questions in the grant agreement, grantee should provide the following:

  • Name of Organization

  • Title of Project

  • Amount of Grant from DCFSL

  • Purpose of Grant (1 sentence)

  • Date of Funds Received

  • Individual who Prepared Status Report, Title, phone number, E-mail and Signature of Executive Director

  • Total Number of Clients Served in the Project

  • Counties in which Clients Resided. (Note: St. Louis City is considered a separate county.)

  • Number of clients served within specific Minority/Ethic Group(s) (if applicable)

Only one copy of the status report is needed. An email response to the status report will be sent indicating acceptance or need for more information.

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