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Our Catholic faith helps us realize each person has inherent dignity; they are created in the image and likeness of God.

Accordingly, we provide charitable grants to organizations that serve the poor and vulnerable.

Our grants are for projects in three focus areas:

  • Immigrants & Refugees
  • Seniors Living Independently
  • Empowering Youth to Resist Human Trafficking.

FOCUS Marines Grantee Spotlight

All soldiers come back from combat with wounds, whether visible or invisible, says Ted Kretschmar of FOCUS Marines. In over six years and twenty classes, FOCUS works primarily in the realm of invisible wounds, such as PTSD, TBI, Survivor guilt, moral injury etc. These burdens and injuries often change these individuals and hold them back, causing rifts in families, self-isolation, anger and difficulty maintaining employment. Post-9/11 veterans are not quantified at local levels and Veterans Affairs can be difficult to access. Scarce resources or mismatched medications, often in combination with alcohol, lead to a high rate of suicide among those who have returned home.

FOCUS exists to intervene in the lives of these men and women, offering hope and healing through their week-long classes. Various reporting and support systems in the Marine and Veteran community refer these returned soldiers to FOCUS for help. While many come dragging their feet, they leave with new hope and a plan. This is not to say it's a "straight line up," as Kretschmar says, but men and women move forward in their journey of healing.

FOCUS Marines Graduation Ceremony


Careful and responsible management of resources entrusted to our care


Empowerment of individuals and agencies to achieve a goal


Respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life


Work in partnership with others

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