Step 5: Status Report

The Final Status Report is the final grant report due to the Foundation. It is due no later than one month following the grant end date. If a Final Status Report for an open grant is not received and approved within at least one month of the grant application deadline for a new grant cycle, the grantee organization will not be eligible to apply during the next cycle. Final Status Report reports are submitted and processed online; paper copies will not be accepted.

Approximately four weeks prior to the end of a grant, the grantee's lead executive, the person who signed the Grant Agreement, will receive email notification that s/he has been assigned an online status report and it is available for processing. The report will be available only to that person, who will access it by logging on to our Grant Management System Portal, going to their organization's account, and selecting the most recent grant. There they will see a "Follow-Up" form (the Final Status Report) has been added. If the executive wants to assign someone else to complete the report, that person will need to have the executive's logon credentials. 

Note that the Foundation will not consider another grant application from the grantee until a status report has been received and approved for a prior grant. Final Status Reports must be submitted to our office at least one month prior to the deadline for a subsequent grant application.

Click here for SAMPLE of DCFSL Final Status Report

Points to Consider in Preparing the Report

Examine the original application submitted. Review how you described your program approach and planned activities, who and how many you expected to serve, what changes you expected to see in your participants and by when, and the measurement tools you said you would use to measure, verify and track progress. Next, check your data and reflect upon what progress has actually taken place. This will be your opportunity to tell us your story.

Listed below are the questions that must be answered. (FYI: There will be limits to the number of characters allowed per answer. The standard approximation is six characters per word. Each question will indicate the number of characters allowed for that question.)

In addition to responses to questions in the status report, the grantee must either provide the information described below or confirm that what is already listed is correct:

Once the Final Status Report is completed and submitted, the lead executive of the grantee organization will receive an automated email notification that it was submitted. Upon Foundation staff approval of the status report, the grant will be closed and the lead executive notified by email.

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