Grantee Spotlight - Mission: St. Louis

December 01, 2015

Stephanie*, an older St. Louis resident, was introduced to Mission: St. Louis after her husband and father both died within months of each other. She no longer had help maintaining her home and she was disheartened and overwhelmed. Volunteers arrived at Stephanie’s home to assist with minor repairs. But they did so much more than fix railings and paint walls: they supported and encouraged Stephanie and showed her that she was strong and capable enough to handle things independently. Now Stephanie volunteers her own time with Mission: St. Louis, sharing with others that same strength and inspiration that helped her.

At Mission: St. Louis, people of all ages are empowered to transform the people and places in their community. Some residents have spent decades in their homes and have no desire to live anywhere else, but they don’t have the resources, support, or ability to keep up with necessary repairs and maintenance. Even more, homes that are not up to code or in disrepair can pose a serious, potentially life-threatening risk to senior homeowners. Mission: St. Louis’ AMP (Authentic Missional Practice) initiative connects volunteers and residents in week-long individual and community building activities. The initiative addresses immediate home repair needs, but at its heart AMP is about building relationship and community with senior homeowners and residents in the region.

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

Staff, volunteers and clients of Mission: St. Louis
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