What We Fund, Why & How

The Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis assists and works with those who likewise embrace the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Our Board conducts environmental scans and literature reviews to affirm current focus areas and identify critical unmet issues in metro St. Louis.

Focus Areas for Funding

In support of our concern for the poor and vulnerable, we provide funding for projects in these focus areas:

Immigrants & Refugees

Local Immigrants & Refugees face challenges related to education and health, resources and services, transportation, employment, and language barriers.

Seniors Living Independently

The focus of Seniors Living Independently is on programs for those who are low-income or cost burdened and wish to live in their own homes as long as possible.


Intended for community-based nonprofit organizations that offer support and services to US Veterans and their families that are not otherwise available through public organizations, such as the Veteran’s Administration. Funding priority is given to programs serving veterans returning from post-9/11conflicts.

Human Trafficking Prevention

The Human Trafficking Prevention goal is to equip vulnerable youth with skills and knowledge that lead to a more positive lifestyle, helping prevent them from becoming victims of human trafficking.


Methods of Providing Funds

We fund efforts to serve poor and vulnerable persons with grants in response to project proposals, and by initiating programs.

Responsive Grants

We provide Responsive Grants in two funding cycles—Spring and Fall. Applicants may select from two types of support: program/project or general operations.

Capacity Building

The Capacity Building Grant Program (CBG), is designed to provide support for improvements in key organizational functions within grantee organizations aligned with the DCFSL’s mission and focus areas.


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