Grants Awarded for Fiscal Year 2017

Spring 2017 Cycle

Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Association Inc.
St. Louis, MO
Alzheimer’s Respite Assistance Program $15,000 To provide respite care reimbursement and improve knowledge of area resources for caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders in the Bi-State region  in order to reduce stress and increase overall wellbeing.
Bilingual International Assistant Services
St. Louis, MO

Access to Services for the Foreign Born, General Operating

$40,000 To advocate for and enable access to social services, healthcare, mental health services, and education counseling for immigrants and refugees in the region and to directly provide multilingual services, particularly to those ineligible for other programs.

Cardinal Ritter Senior Services    St. Louis, MO

Case Management & Consumer Education $40,000 To provide one-on-one case management and access to assistance with food, finances, medical care, and other resources for low income seniors living independently. 

Carondelet Community Betterment Federation, Inc.  St. Louis, MO

Carondelet Senior Minor Home Repair Program $45,000 To assist senior homeowners in the Carondelet area in their continued independence through minor home and code violation repairs, HV AC/furnace maintenance, and engagement in a neighborhood support system.

Crown Center, Inc.  St. Louis, MO

Community Connections $40,000 To provide comprehensive case management to low-income seniors, including assistance in accessing social services, counseling and crisis intervention, translation services, health screenings,  peer support groups, and exercise programs.

Five Star Senior Center, Inc.          St. Louis, MO

Capacity Building & Strategic Plan Development $20,000 To fund an organizational assessment, board training, and the development of a strategic plan in order to increase and improve capacity to serve and respond effectively to the needs of the growing senior population in St. Louis City.

Gene Slay’s Boys & Girls Club of St. Louis, Inc.             St. Louis, MO

Mason School Outreach $16,200 To engage refugee students from Wellston in holistic after school programming by providing transportation from school and home each day.

Health Visions Midwest              East St. Louis, IL

Health Visions East St. Louis: Faith in Action to Serve & Transform $50,000 To assist with the transportation of seniors in St. Claire and western Clinton County in order to ensure access to medical services, nutrition, and social programs, and to increase utilization of additional transportation services.  

Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Program                St. Louis, MO

In-Home English Tutoring-General Operating $30,000 To provide immigrants and refugees unable to attend formal classes in St. Louis City and County with individually tailored instruction in English and practical living skills, decreasing isolation and stress and increasing stability and quality of life.

Jefferson County Community Partnership, Inc.  Festus, MO

Hammers of Hope  $34,536 To provide home repair services to seniors in Jefferson County, addressing health and safety concerns and improving overall wellbeing.

Missouri Energy Care, Inc.              St. Louis, MO

2017-18 Winter Warming Program $15,000 To offer weatherization repairs and energy assistance to seniors in order to improve stability and promote independence. 

Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates (MIRA) St. Louis, MO

Capacity Building $20,000 To engage a consultant to develop strategic plans for MIRA and the Immigrant Service Providers Network and contribute to further staff and board development in order to foster welcoming communities that meet the needs of immigrants and refugees in the St. Louis region.

Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates (MIRA) St. Louis, MO

Immigrant Service Providers Network & Rapid Response $30,000 To fund administrative support for the Immigrant Service Providers Network for the coordination of collaborative efforts amongst members serving refugees and immigrants to affect a rapid response to the changing political climate, increasing access to community resources. 

Oasis International Ministries              St. Louis, MO

General Operations $40,000 To contribute to meeting the practical needs of refugees in the St. Louis area, including the provision of furniture, clothing, English and citizenship classes, driver training, and connections with local families.

Places for People, Inc.                          St. Louis, MO

Improving Outcomes for Seniors with Serious Mental Illness $50,000 To support the first year of a service delivery and research project aimed at reducing depression and isolation amongst seniors through enhanced case management and the development of support networks and social activities.

Rebuilding Together-St. Louis  St. Louis, MO

Rebuilding Day Home Repair Program 2017 $30,000 To assist with repairs and modifications to the homes of seniors during an area-wide volunteer repair day to help them maintain independence and improve their living environments. 

St. Louis Crisis Nursery                 St. Louis, MO

Latino Outreach Program-Clinical Therapy Groups $40,000 To provide group and individual therapy, case management, and psychoeducation in Spanish for Latino immigrant parents and children in order to improve their stability, coping skills, and overall wellbeing.

Soulard Chapter of National AMBUCS               St. Louis, MO

Increasing the Wellbeing of Veterans through Exercise & Socialization $20,500 To enhance the mobility of disabled veterans and improve their access to community resources by providing therapeutic tricycles, organized biking events, and opportunities to increase social connection.

St. John’s Healing Community Board  Collinsville, IL

Adult Day Care & Support for Family Caregivers-General Operating $50,000 To support caregivers of low-income seniors in Illinois, improving their stability and the independence of their loved ones, through workshops, consultations, medical equipment loans, and support groups.

St. Louis Public Schools Foundation         St. Louis, MO

Computer Literacy for SLPS Immigrant & Refugee Parents $32,775 To decrease barriers to engagement and increase access to community resources for immigrant and refugee parents of St. Louis Public School students through interactive, bilingual computer classes offered in a variety of languages. 

Sts. Joachim & Ann Care Service St. Charles, MO

Repairing Homes Restoring Hope  $25,750 To offer required home repairs, handicapped-accessible modifications, and connections to resources through case management to maintain the independence of low-income seniors in St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren Counties.

The Covering House                      St. Louis, MO

Reduce the Risk of Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking of Youth: Increase Access of Care for Survivors $45,900 To promote sexual exploitation prevention efforts through increasing public understanding and to increase the stability of survivors through the provision of comprehensive therapeutic services. 

Fall 2016 Cycle

ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter Case Management and Respite Care for Seniors with ALS $25,000 To provide free support services to seniors with ALS. Support and resources are also provided to their caregivers and family members to promote living independently as long as possible, cope with ever-changing symptoms, reduce emotional and financial stress and manage the progression of a fatal disease.
City Seniors, Inc. General Operations $40,000 To expand transportation service hours and other resources to serve 650 low-income older adults in the City of St. Louis with the goal of helping individuals remain in their homes for as long as possible.
Covenant Place Foundation Supportive Services to Low-Income Immigrant Elderly Residents $35,000 To provide culturally competent staff with language fluency to support Chinese residents living at Covenant Place apartments with needed assistance in accessing available government benefits, community resources, and supportive services and other available services.
Employment Connection Strengthening Veteran's Mental Health to be Self-Sufficient $30,000 To assist veterans overcome barriers to self-sufficiency through learning the employment skills necessary to become self-sufficient members of the St. Louis community. 
Employment Connection Capacity Building in Human Resources $19,950 To fund a consultant to conduct an audit and assessment to improve human resources for the organization and address new labor regulations for staffing overtime limits as well as changes in health care provisions.
Family Resource Center Multilingual Access Project for Immigrant and Refugee Survivors of Domestic Violence $35,000 To increase the safety and economic well-being of immigrant and refugee survivors of domestic violence by providing culturally-specific services in languages other than English.
Five Star Senior Center, Inc. Senior Transportation Program $20,000 To provide affordable, reliable, and accessible transportation to older adults living in St. Louis City with trips to medical appointments, recreational activities, and necessary errands weekly.
FOCUS Marines Foundation General Operations $40,000 To support wounded soldiers
in their transition from battlefield to civilian life by attending a week-long program with cohorts of thirty where they can address core issues, establish goals, and provide the resources needed to move forward in life.
Health Protection and Education Service Bridging the Gap $13,680 To provide monthly free health screening, health education and treatment referrals to the underserved and uninsured immigrants and refugees living in targeted neighborhoods of St. Louis City and Count.
Housing Options Provided for the Elderly, Inc. - HOPE HOPE Case Management $40,000 To provide case management services to connect seniors with benefits and services needed to promote wellbeing and increase seniors and their caregivers’ understanding of housing options that may enhance their safety and independence.
Housing Options Provided for the Elderly, Inc. - HOPE Acquire HUD National Intermediary Status $10,000 To engage a consultant to help the executive director prepared a federal grant proposal to become the federal intermediary for to administer pass through Federal funds to support organizations providing home reverse mortgage counseling.
International Institute of St. Louis Career Pathways Orientation $14,287 To support a new program for newly-arrived refugees with high levels of professional achievement or academic success create a clear and accessible path towards achieving professional and academic goals.
ITN ST CHARLES Transportation Assistance to Low Income Seniors - Program Support $25,000 To provide transportation scholarships for low-income seniors with the goal of promoting independence of 55 low-income seniors residing in St. Charles.
Jewish Family & Children's Service Homemaker services to help frail, vulnerable elderly maintain independence and stay in their homes $40,000 To provide home-based support and referral services to older adults who wish to maintain independence within their home environment.
Migrant and Immigrant Community Action  - MICA General Operations $50,000 To help low-income immigrants overcome barriers to justice by providing legal services, organizing advocacy and education to promote the voice and human dignity of immigrant communities.
Near Southside Employment Coalition Program Support $15,000 To provide employment training  to veterans so they can achieve and sustain long-term employment, achieve greater self-sufficiency lead healthier and more stable lifestyles. 
Paraquad, Inc. Making Homes Accessible for Seniors $50,000 To increase participants’ functional independence by performing customized modifications to their homes that promotes independence and improves their quality of life.
Rx Outreach Health and Wellness Outreach $40,000 To conduct health education to the local Hispanic community through participation in community health fairs and hosting small group health workshops which focus on health and wellness activities.
SouthSide Early Childhood Center (formerly SSDN) Comprehensive Support for Immigrant Families $30,000 To help children with developmental needs from immigrant families  improve in their social-emotional and overall developmental functioning and be better prepared to enter kindergarten and succeed in school and in life.
St. Francis Community Services Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry (CLAM) $50,000 To provide free legal education and aid to veterans through informational sessions and advocating for the veteran in the courts system and Veterans Administration.
St. Louis Area Women Religious Collaborative Ministries English Tutoring Project, operating expenses $30,000 To support children from Immigrant families in the school setting develop the language skills and self-confidence they need to succeed in their regular classrooms as a result of tutoring and daily exercises in reading, writing and grammatical skills for English language acquisition.
St. Patrick Center McMurphy's Culinary Training Program $25,000 To provide training for veterans in the culinary industry to gain skills needed for employment while also addressing the unique barriers to employment that homeless veterans face, such as mental health issues, lack of soft skills needed to succeed in a traditional work environment, and lack of education.
The OASIS Institute OASIS Peer Discussion Groups for Productive Aging $22,200 To provide weekly  peer-led,  group-based discussion and activities for low-income seniors on topics related to productive aging  such as emotional wellness, current events, physical health and social matters.
Urban Strategies, Inc.   Senior Ballroom Dancing Program  $24,540  To support weekly ballroom dancing lessons at four low-income senior independent living housing sites in St. Louis City.
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